Talbott Farms Leverages Envio Data to Make Better Decisions, Share Insight with Producers

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Implement PTI, provide staff with easy-to-use software applications; create a system that gives Talbott Farms and its growers the data they need to make good decisions.

Talbott Farms upgraded its Unisun ProSun software to EnvioAg. EnvioAg provides a complete traceability solution, Windows-like interfaces, and powerful reporting tools.

Basics are covered— traceability and usability. With Envio, Talbott Farms has ready access to reports that make data easy to understand, to help it and its growers, maximize productivity for each crop.

About Talbott Farm
Located in the Palisade area on Colorado’s Western Slope, Talbott Farms is a family owned business operated by fourth, fifth, and now sixth generation Colorado peach and fruit growers. The Talbott family’s production consists of more than 400 owned and leased acres of fruit orchards and wine grape vineyards. Their product line includes high-quality fresh fruit, wine grapes, produce, juices, cider and landscape trees. See Talbott’s website for company information