Release Notes May – September 2019

• A new PLU field has been added to product. Identical products can now be assigned a differentiating PLU number in the Configuration menus.

• In the Transfer Order screen, a document View option has been added to the existing Print option.

• Changed the stored procedure that support uses to create new companies for year-end clear out. It will no longer remove Price Schedule Tables.

• A new improved Rebuild Indexes stored procedure will better help with table indexes, error recovery, and logging.

• The Grower Accounting stored procedures have been changed to move the wrk- tables from the CO database to the LOGON database. This is a performance enhancement for Grower Accounting customers.

• When in the Run screen, Packout tab, the “Remaining Quantity” column in the Item display grid is now correctly updated.

• In PO Receiving, when a Received Status Purchase Order is displayed, and the operator then clicks the “Reset to Receiving” button, the screen is now enabling the Item grid so that Item changes can be made.

• In the Transfer Receiving screen, in the Item grid, “Shipped Quantity”. This column is now refreshing the correct quantities when the transferred tag is shipped or dumped.

• In the Sales Order Shipping screen, when creating a new Shipment, and selecting a Load from the dropdown list, the Expected Date and the ShipOn are now showing as expected.

• In the Run screen, when selecting the Charge tab, the message correct reads “Run” charges instead of “Supplier Receipt Charges”.

• A new screen was added to the right click context menu for the Inventory Item master list, called “Modify Items”. This screen was accidentally made available from the “Start a Task” section of the Production nav group. This release should no longer show this selection in the “Start a Task”, only shows via right click options on the Inventory Item master list.

• In the Sales Order Shipment master list in Dock Operations, Envio only allows “Mark Load as Shipped” when the shipment is in Loading or Received status.

A new feature called “Modify Items” in the Inventory Items master list is available with a policy change.

The purpose of the new “Modify Items” screen is to combine multiple Inventory Item functions into one screen. The idea is to make it easier to perform multiple functions at the same time, without having to exit back to the Inventory Items List and re-select Inventory Items for each function.
The operator can Move Items, change their Item Reference values, change their Item User Code Values, or print tags for a group of Items.
When a single Item is selected, the operator can also Void the Item, or do a Split Inventory Item.
To use the new option, a non-Administrative User must have Permissions. Contact support for the full release notes or for help on how to assign this to users.

New option in Grower Settlement to filter on Item Reference1 and Reference2.
Item Reference1 and Reference2 column options were added to three places in Envio:
• Dock OperationsShipmentsShipped Items Grid.
• Sales Sales Orders Product Line grid Item Shipments.
• Settlement Supplier Settlements Final Price tab.

In Grower Settlement, in the Final Price Tab, a column Calculated Price has been added.
This is the original price as it was calculated by Grower Settlement and will not show any Adjustments

Email multiple sales documents from the Sales Order Master List
In the Sales Order master list, All sales documents can be emailed for multiple Sales Orders
All the selected Sales Orders must be for the same customer
Select the orders and use the right click email document options. All contacts associated with the orders will appear in a list that can be modified before sending.
All the documents will be combined into one pdf when emailed instead of multiple emails and/or documents. Each document will be on a separate page. Be sure to notify your customers of the change if you choose to use this feature.