EnvioAg now saves the Look and Feel choice by Company and workstation. EnvioAg will save the look and feel set on close and will restore it when you log in.

Added run packout workline modification so you can edit a created entry’s non-essential fields. Fields available for edit:

  • DateTime
  • Comment
  • Reference1 and Reference 2
  • UserCodes 1 through 10

Note: When any of these fields are modified, if the ‘Print on Save’ option is checked, a new tag will not automatically be printed on save.

When printing multiple tags from the Inventory Master List it will now show a list of designs and allow selection of design.

  • To print tags from the Inventory Master List, Right Click and select Print Tags for Selected Items

Policy for Reprinting Tags is now split between Run and Supplier Receipt so that they can be selected independently.

Added Country Code and Country Name to the Product Sales Master List

The Location has been added to the shipping screen tag dropdown selector

Purchase Order Reference fields 1 & 2 are now available for Purchase Order documents


  • Duplicate EDI imports now display are more clear error message and request that a reimport is attempted.
  • Added Product XRef Code column the the EDI Product Configuration grid


  • Master Containers that have a site as the location assignment will now show the locations for that site in the Bin Move Location
  • Handheld shipping can now validate Tag elements by their code and not the Database ID key. There is a new Policy under SO Shipment > Handheld > Match Required Elements by Code that must be activated
  • This means if you have different sized products with the same sub-element, the products can now be substituted.


  • Changed shipping to deplete materials when using Assembly Products usage at time of sale when virtual shipping