Created and implemented The Electronic Transfer module. The purpose of this add-on module is to allow one EnvioAg company to transfer Sales Orders to another EnvioAg company. Contact Sales if you would like to add it to your capability.

Charge Master List changes:

  • Added column Reporting Priority – Assigns a number to each charge and is used in Reporting Services. This field is not editable
  • Added column Display Priority – This is the order in which charges will show in the Charge grids and sales orders
  • Renamed Priority to Calculation Priority – This is the order charges are calculated

Custom Handheld Forklift Scale Bluetooth integration project.

The Walmart EDI Changes

  • An additional ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) file format was created. This ASN format is used when exporting ASN data for Walmart orders
  • Safety check that Hybrid Tags must be wholly shipped; they cannot be partially shipped
  • New Fields added in Load and Transporter: SCAC in Transporter, Appointment Number and UCC Bill of Lading Number in Load

Back-end database review to ensure all customers are up to date with their constraint tables. A script will add anything missing.

There is a new Sales Order Shipped Tag List that includes additional data for Walmart, such as the SSCC number.

An EDI repair was made for a duplication of Change Orders under specific criteria.