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EnvioAg Fresh Produce Inventory Management Software is a complete solution for most grower-packer-shippers.
There are several options, however, that can give your operation even greater flexibility and convenience, including:

Envio Touch Label

EnvioAg Touch Label

With all the discussion of the Produce Traceability Initiative and increasing importance of food safety, EnvioAg wanted to develop a user-friendly application that can be utilized by anyone — even those without computer experience.  This touch screen application will allow virtually any warehouse employee to simply select a product from the touch screen when they see the product coming down the packing line. This triggers a case label to print. Once all the case labels have been printed for a pallet, there is another touch button to print the pallet tag. All of these steps are done without the use of a keyboard or mouse! This application satisfies GTIN traceability with the touch of a screen!


Wireless Handheld Modules

Our Wireless Handheld Modules integrate seamlessly with your EnvioAg Software with five different modules designed to increase efficiency and provide the most real-time information throughout an organization.

Ship Tags: Allows warehouse employees to scan tags as they are being loaded on to the truck to provide real-time inventory information at the time of scan. After the tags are scanned, the order is immediately promoted to Shipped status.

Dump Tags: Provides the ability to scan pallet tags as they are being “dumped” into a Production Packout Run. This process provides information as product is being dumped into the packing line.

Move Tags: Scan pallet tags and select a new storage location from a drop down list or scan a bar coded Location Code when moving pallets to another Location.

Move Bins: This module will allow the ability to scan the Serial Numbered Bins when they are moved to another Location.

Receive Bins: This Module increases efficiency in the receiving area and reduces truck wait time by allowing employees
to scan Serial Numbered Containers (bins) when product is received from the field/orchard.

Wireless Handheld System Requirements

  • Wireless Handheld Hardware
  • Facility-wide Wireless Access Points

The Move & Receive Bins Module also requires the use of Serial Numbered Containers/Bins

Additional Services:

Custom Programmer Development

You may need additional functionality or custom development for the program to fit your unique needs. Our highly experienced developers will work with you to provide additional functionality and modifications to EnvioAg to ensure your business is conducted the way you want!  Custom interfaces with Compac, Handhelds, printers, EDI, etc. are routine for our expert staff.

Business and Data Management Consulting

Our experience with a wide range of commodities can give your organization another perspective or help brainstorm process improvements for better performance or efficiency.

Custom Reporting, Forms and Documents

The Custom reporting service allows you to create the reports that best fit your needs and display your data the way you want to see it.  One of EnvioAg’s greatest assets is our team of SQL developers who can create and customize your reports. Let us spend the time creating Grower Settlement reports for complex business models, so you can make the most of your resources.

Training – Onsite, Internet, and Telephone training

EnvioAg is dedicated to teaching you our robust system with support that is tailored to your needs. Our training is personalized to your business processing needs. Using a remote connection we work with your team on their machines using your data, so they learn faster with a better result. If onsite training is preferred, we will come to you. Telephone and email support is also available. Contact your sales representative to find out more.