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Tomatoe_Line[300x183]EnvioAg Manages Your Production Line From Dump to Delivery

EnvioAg has all of the real-time features you need to expedite warehousing, packing and shipping, including:

Complete Inventory Management System

  • Real-time inventory management from multiple screens in the application
  • Sales Dashboard gives you a picture of your On-hand, Committed and Available Product
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Receiving & shipping
  • Produce availability
  • Tag printing

Sales Order Management

  • Real-time inventory management tracking of bins, tags and packs
  • You always know what’s in your warehouse, in your run or on the truck

Direct Shipping

  • Ship, pay, and receive payment though one Sales Order process
  • Update a linked Purchase Order and the Sales Order with one entry

Full GTIN Traceability

  • Traceability with Trace Recall Reports
  • One-up, one-down traceability capabilities
  • Single screen overview for product traceability
  • Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL)
  • Fully GTIN compliant

touch[300x200]Bill of Materials for Tracking Packing Materials

  • Operations managers can combine agricultural commodities with material commodities to create traceable, trackable reports of consumables
  • Specify packing materials of different types and brands
  • Identify components and sub-components of the entire packing box, crate, bag or bin

Grower Settlement and Grower Accounting Built-In

  • Quickly build individual or pooled settlements
  • Tailored reports may include packing charges, FOB, brokerages, assessments, items sold, and more
  • A complete customer interview creates custom reports based on your needs

Custom Integration with labeling Data Processing Tools

  • Integrates with Westmark Industries’ MARKSnMORE
  • Software engineers can create integration with most industrial labeling systems

Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Handheld Shipping makes loading and unloading a snap

  • Grower Receiving
  • PTI Tag Printing
  • Product Movement
  • Production Bin Dump