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Hess Brother’s Fruit Company Implements EnvioAg Handheld Scanner Functionality to Increase Inventory Control, Shipper Efficiency

Enable PTI compliance across a multiple-site organization.
Improve traceability and efficiency both before and after product is shipped.

Upgrade current produce tracking system to EnvioAg, ArmgaSys’s grower-packer-shipper fresh produce, inventory control software. Enable tracking at multiple locations using secure access to a central Envio server. Implement handheld scanning technology.

Full PTI compliance. Improved shipper efficiency. Ability to track produce from multiple locations and manage all aspects of business from grower/supplier to customer. Do all of this with one software application—without having to hire dedicated in-house IT staff. EnvioAg helped Hess Brother’s Fruit Company make this happen.

About Hess Brother’s Fruit Company.
Hess Brother’s Fruit Company (Hess Bros.) is a family owned and operated business that distributes more than 20 varieties and 1.5 million bushels of local eastern apples a year. Hess Bros. specializes in the sourcing and wholesaling of premium apples purchased or consigned through a network of similar family-owned and operated orchards. It was one of the earliest participants in the move to improve produce traceability. See their website